What Are BizListings Directory Listings?

People are constantly searching online for Products and Services.

Make your business visible where people are looking.

Your business may not be visible on the web if your online Directory listings have incomplete contact info or are missing altogether. It’s imperative that your business show in search results! There are 70+ major search sites, and even more mobile search apps. With over 90% of searchers using the web to find products and services, you could be losing sales if your business isn’t found online.

Directory Listings rank on the first page of search results

  • Many Directories, such as Yelp or Superpages, usually show on the first page of search results so searchers find your business quicker.
  • Links from the Directories create in-bound links which could help with your SEO.
  • Directories become “mini websites” with a lot of information about the business. Having a main website with over 70+ mini websites showing in search results, increases your odds of being found. 

Spotlight Messages Attract Attention

A Spotlight Message is a 50 character, clickable message that can be linked to your website, a hosted PDF file or to make announcements and advertise promotions. Businesses use Spotlight Messages to draw attention away from competitors.

Message Content is up to you!

Your Spotlight Message can link to documents such as flyers, product circulars, special promo pages, newsletters or program information. Or use the message to announce daily or weekly specials, business hours, new products or services, and more!

Customize and Stand Out.

The Spotlight Message appears on search results pages and in business listings. It can be updated regularly so you can keep your listings fresh and current.

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