With a search engine beast as big and complex as Google, minute changes can go unnoticed, but these small adjustments to the way Google functions can make a big difference to users AND to their businesses.

Which is why Google’s most recent change is big news: Google Maps users are now noticing that when checking in to a place on Google Maps, they are being asked to verify suggested edits others have made to that location.

When there has been suggested edits made to a piece of information at that location, there will be a note underneath it saying “someone has suggested new info”. Tapping on the note will bring up a card showing you what has been suggested vs. what currently exists.

From there you can select which is the most correct piece of information.

Wondering why suggested edits are such a big deal? Well, in the past, in the absence of this verification of the suggested edits, anyone, including competitors, could maliciously suggest edits to the location of a business or even report the business as closed. Several businesses have turned to BizIdentity for help because their businesses were “hacked” in this way. Now, as a part of the monthly Google optimization service, BizIdentity checks the Google Pages of their clients so they do not have to worry about constantly checking for malicious edits.

With the new change, it is less likely that information about a business can be changed without anyone’s awareness, since Google will be checking the accuracy of information with its users. One way you can protect your business is to periodically check in to your business to see if any suggested edits exist, then correct the edits to the accurate location, so anyone looking for your business can find you easily.