Whatever industry you are in, understanding who your customers are and what they want and need is key to success. You may have an idea of what the customers you meet face-to-face are like, but have you considered those who are visiting your website?

Customers who visit your website are important, too. So how do you find out who they are and what interests them?

For understanding the customers who visit your website, the best website tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics reports reveal powerful data that can help you form a more effective digital marketing strategy.


Just a Few of the Things Google Analytics Reports Show You About Your Customers

1.    The Demographics of Your Audience

Google Analytics reports show you the age and gender of website visitors, critical information for developing a digital marketing strategy that is appropriate to your audience. When deciding how to talk to your audience, as well as where and when to reach them, it helps to know their age and gender. The needs of a young male audience are going to be different from those of an older female audience. You can tailor your copy, special offers, as well as services offered to the audience demographics of your website audience.

2.    Whether Your Visitors are Arriving by Direct or Organic Search

It helps to know how people are finding you when they are searching for your business online, by direct or organic search. If most are finding you by direct search, chances are they have been referred to your site by you or someone else. Possibly this may mean that your site is not showing up in search results. Your customers are finding you through word-of-mouth advertising, rather than online searches. Customers who found you through organic search were searching online for keywords associated with your business’s products or services and visited your site through the link that popped up in the search results. Having access to this data helps you to know where to focus your efforts in your marketing strategy.

3.    Whether Your Customers are Using Mobile, Tablets, or Desktop to Find You

Google Analytics reports give you the breakdown on what type of device your customers are using when they visit your website. This is important in knowing how to design your website. If most customers are finding you on a mobile device, it is extra important to make sure your site is mobile friendly. It is also relevant information that your customers are on-the-go when looking for you.

4.    Where On Your Site You are Losing Your Customers

Google Analytics reports will show you exactly where customers are clicking away from your site to another site. By becoming aware of what the top exit pages are on your site, you can decide whether these pages on your website need to be re-worked to better meet the needs of your customers.

5.    Where Your Customers are Located

Showing you where the visitors to your site are located is one of the features of Google Analytics reports that can help you focus your digital marketing efforts. Are they all local? Then it may be a good idea to focus on local marketing. It also helps to know that including local information and events in your content will be relevant to your audience. A more widespread audience gives you a different perspective when it comes to deciding your digital marketing strategy—and less focus on marketing to local customers. If the report shows a lot of foreign countries, and you don’t want to sell your products or services to specific foreign countries, you can add blockers on your website to omit countries from viewing your site.

6.    What Days Customers are Visiting Your Site

Are people searching for your service or product on weekdays or weekends? Which day of the week is the most visited? Google Analytics reports show you when customers are looking for you so you can understand when is the best day to reach them. For instance, if customers look for your business on Fridays and Saturdays, you may want to bump up your social media or use paid advertising such as Adwords on those days to meet your audience.


With access to the information in Google Analytics reports, you can leverage the data to make more informed marketing and business development strategies. It’s powerful information that leads to real results for your business. If you’re ready to make Google Analytics reports part of your effective digital marketing strategy, contact us for information on getting these reports sent directly to your inbox every week.