Don’t worry, you are not alone if you believe that customers want to know more about your product or service and less about you. Maybe you are one of the many who have neglected writing anything for the About Me page.

Well, guess what? More than any other piece of your website content, the About Me page is the most influential in gaining potential customers’ trust. Surprised? We were!

What it comes down to is trust. To build trust with customers, they need to feel like they are dealing with an actual human. Having a place on your website that tells about you (the About Me page) is important to giving customers the feeling that they are dealing with real people—in fact it is the #1 trust-building piece that can lead them to partner with or buy from you.

Does your website have a complete About Me page? Are you telling customers the information they need to feel they can trust you? Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction when you are writing your About Me page:


Be genuine and human.

What do customers want to know about you? That you are a real, genuine human being. The About Me page is your opportunity to be bolder in expressing who you are. Talk about your interests more than qualifications. This is the place to tell the “why” of what you do—the deeper motivations that are driving your passion for your business.


Pretend you are simply having a conversation.

Write your About Me page of your business website as if you are sitting down and having a conversation with a customer over coffee. Write in a personal voice (use “I” and “me”).


Wear your heart on your sleeve (a little).  

No, you don’t have to get all mushy. But you do need to acknowledge the emotional impact of your words. Think about how a potential customer will feel when they read it—Supported? Informed? Inspired? Motivated? Choose your words to create that feeling in your readers.


 Your About Me page is really about them.

Make potential customers feel more comfortable with choosing your company. Express your willingness to help them with what they need by being approachable and honest. Address a concern or need that is common among your current customers.


Don’t forget the small details.

A current headshot where you are smiling and making eye contact with the camera establishes trust. Don’t be afraid to put other pictures that show your lifestyle. Add an email opt-in on your About Me page and also links to other social media.


Are you ready? If you need more inspiration to write a terrific  About Me page, you can check out 25 great examples here. Now get started telling your customers all about YOU, and don’t forget to connect with BizIdentity on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn… or put a link to your About Me page in the comments here. We’d love to hear about you!