Are you interested in improving your business’s online visibility? When a person is searching for your product or service online, most likely you want to make certain that they can find your business.  Here are two ways to help customers find you when they need you.

Expand Your Services Pages

Many businesses (maybe yours, too), have one generic “Services” page that simply lists everything they do. It’s a drive-thru version of everything the business does or provides for customers. You can expand your “Services” page into several pages, one for each of your main services.

To expand your “Services” page, simply create a page for each of your primary services (like this one of ours, which describes our Directory Listings Services). In each of these linked pages, you describe each service in greater detail and include the keywords for your business.

If you are looking for ways to improve your online visibility, consider adding expanded services pages to your website. One SEO expert, Joy Hawkins, in a study by Moz, reported that “adding more content related to the services a business provides has been shown to have a positive impact on their ranking and the amount of organic traffic they receive as a result.”

So go deeper into your content and tell your customers more about what you do! Not only does it improve your online visibility, but it helps customers understand more about your business.


Turn FAQ’s into Gold

Chances are, you have a wealth of information right off the top of your head about anything related to your business. If we sat down and I asked you to tell me everything that your customers typically have questions about, I have a feeling we’d be sitting awhile (a long while).

FAQ’s are the things that people want to know about your business. Dedicating a place on your website to answering those goes a long way in serving your existing customers. You are informing potential customers right from the get-go, and it saves you time when customers can find answers by searching your website. And if they stay there longer, it goes further in helping search engines find you, which in turn improves your online visibility.

For potential customers, having a FAQ page for them to find information establishes a trust relationship. They can see that you are knowledgeable and willing to share your expertise.

Not only are FAQ answers an easy way to build SEO and customer relationships through your website content, they can be the springboard for blog content later. Say, for instance, that you are a hardware business, and one of your FAQ’s is about what type of caulk or sealant to use for particular projects. It is not a far jump from simply answering the question to writing an engaging post. Try this title, “Seal the Deal: 3 Types of Caulk and How to Use them for a Perfect Project Finish”.


Ready to Improve Your Online Visibility?

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